Dresden Style Painting with Ardis Reihs


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DRESDEN Style Painting by Ardis Reihs presents Dresden painting her way. This simplified outline is meant as a guide to the process she sees in painting Dresden. A soft-cover Booklet of 30 pages, DRESDEN Style Painting is a “must” for all Dresden painters and lovers of this fine porcelain art.

To get you started (and this is wonderful for Beginners!), she presents a basic, instructional lesson to complete a Dresden bouquet of 5 flowers. The lesson includes colors and instructions for two fires. Ardis really makes this simplified so ANYONE can paint Dresden!

The rest of the booklet contains the full color paintings of 30+ Dresden designs, which include individual flowers as well as, many bouquet combinations. Line drawings for each painting is also included. A wonderful Dresden painting booklet.

Soft-Cover, 30 pages