Glass Liquid Bright Gold 8 gr


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Glass Liquid Bright Gold from Germany. This Liquid Bright Gold is a beautiful, easy-to-use gold just for glass. It will mature perfectly at the glass firing of Cone .022, 630C, 1165 F.

To apply a band of glass gold: We use the SO1 Acrylic Design Tape which is the stretchy kind. Measure the width of the band with a ruler – marking it only with a Grease Pencil – never a Graphite Pencil as that may fire in or even etch the glass.

To apply the Acrylic Design Tape: cut a piece the length of the band. Peel back a 1″ size of the white backing to reveal the sticky underside of the tape. Set the tape down on the marks holding the end with your thumb. Stretch the tape around the glass and then apply it to your marks on the glass. Use a fingernail to evenly seal the tape to the glass.

Glass Liquid Bright Gold application: using a separate brush just for this glass gold, dip just the end of the brush into the gold. You want to fill the end of the brush and no more. Set the brush down on the glass and pull gently and slowly to leave an even layer of gold. Do not go over your strokes as the gold is already drying and it could leave some brush strokes in the firing. Remove the tape carefully and fire.

No returns on gold. Food safe.

Have fun and good luck!

NOTE: 1 Gram = 1 ML 8 grams = .282 oz (a little more than 1/4 oz.)