White Enamel for Glass (OZ) J


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GLASS White Enamel: a high relief Enamel from Germany made just for GLASS. You can also use this fine Enamel to provide a solid white or colored background to paint on top of.

For opaque coverage on glass: mix with your regular mixing Medium; brush the enamel on the glass as smoothly as possible; if necessary, use silk over a sponge and pad it smooth. Fire to Cone .022. Then you can paint your design on top and it will have a solid, opaque background. Your glass painting will be much stronger.

For raised relief ENAMEL WORK, mix the Josephine Glass Enamel with OJ3 Pollyanna Medium until a thick toothpaste consistency; thin with pure gum turpentine or OWM1 Turpentine Oil until it strings from your palette knife. Do not add more of the medium; only the turpentine to keep it stringing. You can store this enamel mixture and reconstitute it with the pure gum turpentine. NEVER add more Medium – that is one factor that flattens enamel.

Once it is mixed to the correct consistency in white, then you can add any of the JOSEPHINE regular glass paints to color it. It usually will fire slightly lighter than it appears wet, but a test firing is always best for the right outcome. Fire Cone .022