Chipping Off J


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The NEW Chipping Off Powder is to be mixed with oil. We were not sure if the oil mixture would work as well as the water mixture, BUT WE LIKE IT BETTER! We mixed the Chipping Off with both Always Open Medium and Josephine Water Medium and it worked perfectly with both oils. Mix it thin and loose so you can paint this on with any brush. You can also thin the Josephine Water Medium with WATER!
We were able to control the edges much better and even used a liner brush for Monograms and scroll designs. Using the Acrylic Design Tape, we had a perfectly straight edge for bands, curved edges, etc. Remove tape before firing. Fire to Cone .016, 825 C, 1517 F. The glaze is easily removed for a texture on your porcelain piece. I quickly got it off with my palette knife.
You can apply gold, luster, paint over the chipped off texture, or leave it white for a
very subtle, elegant effect. It’s great fun!!