Flux J


2 Dram Vial

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JOSEPHINE WHITE: a true, WHITE powder paint for overglaze painting – ceramics, porcelain, china.

HARD FLUX for porcelain: can be used to add more shine to existing colors or use as a separate coat over white china to give a higher shine (be sure and test colors which are to fired over additional flux – some may not fire the same color or can disappear totally. It all depends on the manufacturer; etc. )

The German Josephine White color is semi-transparent and increases opaqueness with multiple fires. Double sifted for smoothness and ease of painting and blending. A touch of this White mixed with other colors will soften and lighten them. As with all mixing of colors, test and fire your results first.

Mix this powder with any of our Mediums/Oils or if you prefer a Water Medium, Josephine has two: OJ2 Fast Drying Water Medium; OR4 Slow Drying Water Medium. See our Medium/Oils Category on the left to Order.

Fire to range of: HOT: 870 C, 1596 F Cone .014; to COOL: 723 C, 1333 F Cone .019. Gives a high gloss WHITE color after firing. FLUX will give a high gloss CLEAR coating.