3M Blue Vinyl Tape 471 (1/4in x 36yd)


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3M Blue Vinyl Tape 471

We are now carrying the 3M Blue Vinyl Tape 471 to assist all Painters with designing; using Red Resist; creating bands, circles, rows and anything else you can create.

Blue Vinyl Tape 471 is the stretchy 3M Tape to aid all Artists with your design work. It has numerous advantages for the Artist:

1. More adhesion to stick thoroughly to your piece 2. More STRETCH to create CIRCLES, OVALS, and any geometrical design 3. Superior conformability 4. Sharper paint lines for a clean, smooth edge 5. Clean removability; leaves no residue on your piece

Size: 1/4″ x 36 Yards – blue vinyl tape for all art forms

No return if package is opened.