Burnish Pen


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Burnish Pen from Germany: to burnish those delicate and hard-to-reach Roman Gold touches on porcelain and china.

The Burnish Pen is a China Painter’s dream for burnishing porcelain gold-work. It is a refillable, plastic pen holder (in various colors which are sent at random) with an approximately 1/8″ round German gold burnisher. The Burnish Pen case has a workable end which extends the burnisher out of the end, just like lead in a pencil.

Being 4 1/2″ long, you can now reach those hard to get to places to easily burnish your Roman Gold. Always try to burnish your Roman Gold while it is still warm, but this is not necessary, to achieve a beautiful, satin finish. Burnish in a gentle, circular motion to not scratch the gold.

Use the SF2 Burnish Pen Refill, 1 1/2″ to keep your Burnish Pen usable.

Great GIFT idea for those China Painting friends who have everything!