Burnishing Tool


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Burnishing Tool, Fiberglass cylinder – German, 4″ Long, 5/8″ Diameter, covered in protective string. Polishes Roman Burnish Gold – all kinds: paste and liquid to a warm, satin glow!

Fiberglass, wrapped in a protective string, has been a popular Roman Burnish Gold polisher for years. It has 1/4″ of fiberglass out of the end of the coated string; circular; to allow you to gently polish your fired Roman Gold.

For best results (and of course all results with golds, etc. vary per person): while the gold is still warm from the firing (wear gloves if possible as the oil from your fingers can affect unburnished gold) polish the burnish gold in a gentle, circular motion until you have achieved the level of color and satin shine that you prefer. Do NOT press hard or scrap across the gold as this may scratch your gold and it will have to be redone.

Fiberglass rarely wears out, so usually one will last a long time.