Craft Lathes Plastic


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Craft Lathe – plastic with adjustable slider for different lengths.

This hobby Lathe works for anything you need to paint all the way around and keeping your fingers free: Eggs, Mugs, small vases, ornaments, etc. For pieces with an open end, such as a Mug, just cut a small piece of cardboard to go over the open end. That will hold it secure.

Use the black adjustable knob on the bottom to change the length and to firmly hold your piece in place. Use the 2 adjustable knobs, conveniently located on each end, to turn the piece as slowly or as quickly as you want. You can band with this Lathe just by building a platform to hold your brush hand steady.

The Craft Lathe will hold an object up to 4″ in diameter by 8″ in length.
Care of the Craft Lathe: to keep the Craft Lathe turning smoothly use a heavy bodied household lubricant such as petroleum jelly at friction points.